Cold Redrafted

by Negative Voice

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released April 11, 2016

Evgeny Loginov - Guitar, Vocals
Andrew Samsonov - Guitars
Alexander Nikolsky - Bass
Konstantin Pavlov - Drums



all rights reserved


Negative Voice Moscow, Russia

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Track Name: Limitation
I came into my own
Signs and premonitions
But there are only question marks

Learn my lesson
And did my level best
But to bury the last chances
Was not my considered choice

I met with my deserts
Issue of fact
I made a rod for my own back
Or is it a life mission?

Nightly reflections
And workaday pains
Sullen limitations
Just to bear a load

Inspired by the distress
How much time for us
A second or long decade
A foregone conclusion
Track Name: City of Decaying Gaze
Straight line road lights
Yellow and cold blue ones
Through the splotched glass
From the chamber of hopelessness

Shapely rows of windows torches
Grey and purple layer of clouds
Tor stones of human caves
Thin spires of aspiration

Decaying hollow
Maldorous haze spreads
Black smoke over works
Agonized soul's shrieks
Tightness in the air
And who could weigh the backwash
Hum from the next door room
Interrupted my sleep
Summer breeze strokes my skin
Four years after
I am here again

Bending road yellow lights
Vital alley of breath downstairs
Grey concrete giants
Zigzag ragged hackles of clouds
Track Name: Nightmare Everlasting
I am roaming
Through the pasteboard scenery
I am swallowed
By the depth of obscurity
It doesn't belong to me
Is it someone's sleep?
Sarcastic laughter
Downfall through downfall
Another beginning after awakening

You never can tell
How many dreams are in your dream
Falling down in a space
Then faster and faster
Don't feel anything
And then burst in fire

There is no tomorrow
Cause it'll never get here
Waking within the sleep
It is happening again
It comes from nowhere
And reiterates at every night
Does it really belong to me?
Another beginning after the end
Track Name: Instant
Sweet consternation
Close your eyes and listen to the silence
You could cut it with the knife
To your heart's content


Vibrant with passion
With bated breath
Turned into stone
Better than pleasure
Stronger than agony


Temperance in motion
Being unconcerned
What's the difference
Between life and blackness

Another injection
Rolls my tired eyes
Nothing is different
Serpents are on the ceiling
Track Name: Impasse
The body is apart
Wade through the roll of nerves
Seconds of clarity
And longest days of blacking out

Retaliation from the Gods
For the light in the end
Neuroleptic illustrations
Rapid spasms
Sick fancies
Nothing follows

I am in the dead end
I am in the impasse

Pragmatic delusion
Awaiting the accident
In a state of neglect

Not so bad and no good
Time is the best medicine
But I would rather live until daybreak
You have saved me trouble

Obsessive recurrence
Nightmare in your waking ours
But dreams go by opposites
You had your innings

Tears stuck in the throat
Voice has left the body
Ashamed of myself
I am doubtful what I ought to do
Track Name: Karmic Pattern
Surrender to the pleasure of mistakes and fall
Realize the ugliness of being unbearable
Confess your strength and worthlessness
Viscous existence in the quagmire of the inevitability

Soar over the world
Find out the cause of all causes
A cosmic glow
Indicate the path

Don`t repress your dream of calming
The lack of blood in the veins
The lack of fire
Maze of mental anguish
Baser passions
Karmic pattern

Crime and Punishment
Limitations and weaknesses
All deeds and actions
Reflected in the impermanence
Nullity or throne,
Poverty or wealth
Generous reward
At the end of the path
Track Name: Lighthouse
Before I knew there is no light
And drown in the waves of the gloom never-ending
Wandered along the freezing corridors
Towards the slow fading

Waiting for the unknown
As into electric wire
Day by day
Futility and idleness

Through the dense mist and deadly waters
Flash of light shine the essence
There is an my own lighthouse

Giving out the bright glow
Saving from the extravagance
Leading to the perfection
Rising to the stars

The curtain drops now
Evening fever begins again
Life smiles and teaches another lesson
Against the grain

I would go to the bank
Avoiding the habitual false
Just to floating adrift
Following my own lighthouse

Through the dense mist and deadly waters
Flash of light shine the essence
That I have an own lighthouse

Giving out the bright glow
Saving from the extravagance
Leading to the perfection
Rising to the stars
Track Name: Draft Life
Through the thicket of mind
Through the black waters (of actuality)
Shift the perception focus
Drown in the internal lie

Do not look back
Burning down this coming
Behind the perishability
On the shortest way

On the strings of illusion
In the taut lines of our lives
Survival of the fittest
Dying with faith in words
Breaking the beautiful
In this crowded world

The body is insane
In the cell of desperation
The soul is flying away
Gathering all that is left

On the strings of illusion
In the taut lines of our lives